Learn More About Assured Care

To protect you against future expenses, your Legacy Assurance Plan enrollment initially included a twelve-month benefit providing you with a zero deductible toward fees incurred for changes and modifications associated with your estate plan. This benefit, however, came with certain limitations and exclusions.

The Assured Care, Benefit Extension Program is intended to extend this zero deductible benefit for as long as you participate in the Assured Care Program, all for an incredibly low $75.00 annual participation fee.

Just like a computer, appliance or vehicle warranty can protect you from certain unexpected expenses arising out of mechanical failure or loss, the Assured Care, Extended Benefit Program from Legacy Assurance Plan can protect you from those unexpected expenses associated with retooling your estate plan.

Whether the need to modify your estate plan arises out of a life event, or simply a change of heart, this extended benefit program provides you the financial protection to ensure that your plan stays up-to-date at an affordable, guaranteed cost, along with other benefits.

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